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Menopause - Why is Sleep So Critical?

During my own experience with peri-menopause, I was baffled by my sleep issues. However, understanding the vital role of our circadian rhythm - essential for EVERY organ and cell in our body - it became clear that turning around my sleep needed to be my absolute priority in my journey towards healthy ageing. Addressing my sleep became the key strategy to managing my symptoms and supporting my health in middle age.

Are you aware that poor sleep during the menopause transition means your body's unable to adequately heal and recover? This can lead to increased cellular inflammation over time. Inflammation accumulation can make us more susceptible to various health conditions, potentially affecting our life quality and longevity.

Moreover, disrupted sleep can lead to weight gain, as it raises cortisol levels. Elevated cortisol can result in increased fat storage, particularly in the abdominal area.

It's crucial to recognise that our biochemistry and hormones become out of balance during menopause, and this can influence our behaviour (yep, including waking up and feeling anxious), as our body tries to re-adjust to it's changing environment. It's no wonder that exhaustion is a common complaint among women in this life stage.

However, there is hope. Effective strategies and tools exist to address and even eliminate insomnia. With 8 years of experience in treating insomnia through psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, as well as additional recent training in menopause-related insomnia, I’ve developed a comprehensive course: “Reset your brain and Body to Sleep”

This course blends psychotherapy, mindset coaching, hypnotherapy, and menopause coaching, offered both in 1:1 sessions and as an online program where the sessions are via video. The course includes:

  1. Understanding the body’s circadian rhythm and its alignment, this is where I often hear clients 'Aha' moments!

  2. Practical adjustments to daily routines to accommodate the hormonal shifts occurring in our bodies.

  3. An exploration of stress impact, stress management techniques, and effective breathing exercises.

  4. A concluding 15-minute relaxation recording for deep relaxation.

This isn’t a magic trick, it requires commitment to conscious, daily effort. To support this journey, the course includes a Mindset Workbook to keep you focused and motivated, helping you establish your personal ‘why’ for lasting change. Here is a link to the introduction which explains the course is more detail.

🌟 If you're sick of tossing and turning all night and feel ready to transform your sleep and embrace a healthier, more vibrant menopause transition. Email me today and join my course “Reset Your Sleep” and start your journey to better sleep and wellbeing. 🌟 #menopause #menopauserelief #menopauseinsomnia #menopausesymptoms #perimenopause #perimenopauseinsomnia


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