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Transform Stress and Anxiety into Productivity and Engagement


Are your employees struggling with their mental health in the workplace? Is your workplace environment turning into a breeding ground for burnout? Perhaps you've noticed a rise in staff absenteeism, dwindling productivity, or a general atmosphere of discontent.

These challenges are far from unique but do require urgent attention. In the UK, approximately one in four people experience mental health issues, with stress and anxiety leading the list. The stakes are high—both for your bottom line and the well-being of your staff. 

I'm fully aware of the growing demands placed on business owners and HR managers to get this right. Overlooking stress and anxiety doesn't just hurt your employees; it also has ripple effects that can undermine company morale, reduce staff retention, and compromise productivity.

The Solution You've Been Searching For

Engaging with a mindset coach isn't just a trendy HR move; it's an effective strategy for systemic improvement. Imagine having a dedicated professional to pinpoint the cognitive barriers that are holding your employees back. An expert who combines therapeutic acumen with neuroscience-based methods, focused exclusively on stress and anxiety management.

What's the next step?

This goes far beyond mere 'venting' sessions. We delve into the mechanics of how the mind reacts to stress, dispel limiting beliefs, and equip your staff with actionable coping strategies for managing their own mental health in the workplace. The goal is not merely to navigate stress but to transform it into fuel for higher productivity and engagement.


How does it work?

There's no shiny package to sell! I'll work on a plan that works for the size of your company, your requirements and budget. 

Want to find out how to transform your workplace into a hub of positivity and productivity?
Book a FREE 30-minute consultation to explore how mindset coaching can revive the wellness and spirit of your team by calling Kirstie on 07966517 708 or emailing

Kirstie Salter, stress and anxiety expert, helping one of her clients

Benefits of Workplace Wellness Mindset Coaching:

Investing in mindset coaching for your employees means investing in the health and longevity of your business. Benefits can include:

  • Increased productivity and enthusiasm at work

  • Higher rates of staff retention

  • Lower incidences of sickness and absenteeism

  • A happier, more resilient workforce

  • Fulfillment of your duty of care towards your employees

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