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Are you experiencing overwhelming stress or crippling anxiety? Or unrealistic fears or worry which have stopped you living life the way you would like to?
And to top it off, not getting enough sleep?

If you never experience stress then you are not normal (actually, 
you must be dead!). Stress is the body’s natural response to external threats – it floods our system with adrenalin and makes us better able to fight or take flight. This was very handy when we had Sabre Toothed Tigers or gangs of marauding Vikings to contend with. It still is, although the triggers now tend to come in the form of unexpected bills, tax returns, unreasonable clients,never-ending ’to do' lists, conflicts, caring for an eldery relative, performance, exams or hormonal teenagers!

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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective methods of changing unwanted behaviours, attitudes and thought processes. This gentle, modern therapy draws upon evidence based facts on neuroscience. I’m a certified clinical hypnotherapist and I only use research based techniques for your assurance.

Hypnosis isn’t a magic trick but it often feels that way!

The truth is that the magic happens in the talking therapy before hypnosis. I have the expertise to ask you the right questions at the right time to help facilitate change. I’ll use my knowledge in psychotherapy - Solution Focused Brief Therapy to do exactly that. I’ll also draw upon my knowledge and skillset in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and mindfulness.

Most importantly, we’ll work in cooperation, focusing on solutions, working towards your preferred future, rather than analysing and diagnosing problems or reliving painful memories of the past. In order for treatment to be genuinely successful long term, you’ll need to gain an understanding of how the brain works in relation to stress. This is covered in the first session and will be discussed in subsequent sessions. It’s also important to acknowledge that change happens because you want it to and because you are prepared to take the necessary steps to allow it to happen.

Hypnosis itself, is a very pleasurable experience and suitable for almost anyone. So, for whatever reason has prompted you to this site, why not take the next step, by getting in contact and booking in a free 20 minute no obligation consultation so we can have a chat about you. This can be carried out online via Zoom or over the telephone.

We’ll discuss what you’d like help with. I’ll give an honest answer as to whether I think I can genuinely help. Then I’ll explain how sessions are carried out and give you a rough idea of how many sessions I think you’ll need. You can ask any other questions and if you feel ready, you can book your first session.

Please note that:
1) It’s always recommended that you discuss any treatment with your doctor.
2) Whilst past success rates have been very positive, success is not guaranteed.

Training, qualifications & experience

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
(Awarded by the National Council for Hypnotherapy)

Solution Focused Brief Therapy Advanced Certificate

• Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma
(Awarded by the National Council for Hypnotherapy)

• Certified Life Coach

(International Coaching Federation)

MNCH - Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy

CNHC - Member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

Code of Conduct:

I work to a strict professional code of conduct which is set out by the National Council for Hypnotherapy. Confidentiality of data is 
compulsory, as is practice insurance. There is a requirement to continually advance one’s knowledge in the field of therapy with 
continued practitioner’s development throughout the year.

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I specialise in 3 areas

1. Anxiety

We all feel anxious, some of the time, it’s only human. But when we produce too much anxiety it can spiral out of control and it can be problematic. Anxiety can come in many guises. You may find that suddenly, for no reason, your heart starts pounding, you’re struggling to breathe, you break out in a sweat or you’re shaking. You feel like you’re going to die. Perhaps you know why it happened...the first time. 

Or perhaps your anxiety is less obvious, you’re going about your life in a normal way, but a lot of the time you find yourself worrying, or feeling panicky or nervous. At night it stops you from getting to sleep and maybe it wakes you up in the middle of the night. And then prevents you from going back to sleep. You’ve probably forgotten what it’s like to feel normal.

Anxiety is created from the following elements; the physical sensations you experience, the emotions you have whilst experiencing them, and the thoughts that go through your mind at the time.

You will be pleased to know that hypnotherapy is extremely effective for anxiety and I can show you how to regain control. It’s important that you understand how anxiety is created, because often, when we understand something, the fear is diminished. I will explain exactly what happens when anxiety takes over and then show you how to manage it.

2. Stress

We can all cope with a bit of stress – but too much, for too long, has a negative impact on our wellbeing.

Stress is not necessarily bad. We need a little bit nudge us into action, to get things done and to perform at our best. However, the kind of stress we now experience in modern society can have a negative effect.

In prehistoric times stress tended to be extreme – like bumping into a hungry bear or being attacked by a neighbouring tribe. This kind of stress, however, was short lived. You either escaped, or you won, 
and could relax again (or you were dead and no longer felt anything). Nowadays the threats tend to be things like a rapidly approaching exam, a mortgage rate that keeps climbing, a demanding boss or an awkward teenager! 

It’s hard to run away from them or fight them – we just have to put up with the stress for months and  months. What’s more, we’ll probably have half a dozen of these things stressing us out at any one time.

This kind of persistent stress takes a toll on us both mentally and physically. Over time it will inevitably have a serious negative impact on our wellbeing, our happiness, our relationships and our work. I 
therefore work with a wide range of clients, from entrepreneurs running their own business to students preparing for important exams, and employee coping with changes at work to carers looking after elderly parents, who are finding the pressure too much.

3. Phobia

A phobia is an irrational fear that is so strong that it can bring on extreme anxiety or panic. Often, a strong need to avoid the circumstance will develop. You may well be aware that the fear is irrational and completely blown out of proportion but you can’t seem to control it and it becomes a problem in the way of living a normal life.

The most common phobia’s I help clients to overcome are; fear of presentations and public speaking, social phobia, driving and flying.

Sometimes we can’t remember the cause of our fear. It really doesn’t matter as it does not affect the treatment. I use an effective technique designed to neutralise the high emotional arousal which has prevented the memory of the traumatic event being processed into a memory of the past. It’s non evasive and you will be made to feel at ease.

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