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I’ve been where you are now.  Here’s what I found and I think you’ll like it.

In a previous life I worked in marketing – demanding clients, tight deadlines, challenging goals… Initially I found it manageable. Then I started my own design and advertising consultancy and added a whole new set of pressures on top of the existing problems I was facing in my personal life. Work/life balance became a distant memory and before long the adrenalin rushes turned to anxiety and sleepless nights. Eventually I experienced burnout.


Gradually I came to realise that nothing would change until I changed - so I retrained in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy and later, trained to become a life coach. Taking a new direction in my career provided a fresh start. What’s more, I was fascinated by all the latest findings in neuroscience and I discovered that by understanding how one’s mind works makes it much easier to manage the obstacles that life throws at you. My only regret is not knowing this stuff years ago.


So now, I work as a fully certified, licensed life coach and mentor alongside working as a clinical hypnotherapist, I help a wide range of business owners and professionals just like you, with stress and anxiety therapy. I enjoy working with clients in my office in Wells, or online via Zoom. I also work onsite at various businesses working with employees which business owners offer access to mental health wellness coaching sessions. 


If you or your staff need anxiety therapy, to handle change with less worry and doubt, to approach challenges with greater calm and confidence and to turn your inner critic into your personal cheerleader, then I can show you how.

What does Mindset Coaching cost?

During your first session we'll discuss the issues that you are facing and what you'd like help with.

During subsequent sessions, l'll use a powerful combination of psychotherapy, anxiety therapy and coaching techniques. And I’ll help you understand how your brain works in relation to stress. Then I’ll share strategies that’ll enable you to approach things differently. I’ll empower you to get on the right path to start making the changes you desire and I’ll identify any limiting beliefs that are holding you back. These sessions often provides those insightful aha moments!

We will build on the strategies that we discussed during previous sessions. I will provide you with support and encouragement in between your sessions. You will also be given a relaxation recording to listen to. After three months you'll have a good idea of whether you’d like to continue working together for a while longer or whether you feel you’ve cracked it and no more support is required.

One to one sessions (online or in person) cost £125.00 per session

(or book 4 x sessions for £425.00)

What does Workplace Coaching cost?

If you are interested in my one to one coaching for your employees, please get in touch to book a meeting to talk about your requirements and for me to provide you with a proposal.

If you you own a business but are unsure about how to promote a nurturing environment for your staff, please get in touch and we can arrange a meeting to discuss the possibilities for your organisation.


Kirstie Salter providing anxiety therapy via Zoom at her desk
Ready for the next step?

Here’s what to do now:

  1. Email requesting a discovery call (please provide brief details of what you’d like help with).

  2. Book your FREE no-obligation 30 minute Discovery Call

  3. On that call via Zoom, Kirstie will provide information about what to expect, answer any questions and together you can discover whether you are a good fit.

  4. If you want to go ahead, Kirstie will talk you through the sign up process. 

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