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"I'm thankful for those long, sleepless nights today." Here's why...

Never in a million years did I think I'd hear myself saying I'm thankful for the endless nights of no sleep during Peri-menopause! But it was those long, frustrating nights that bought me to where I am now. Reflecting on the first few weeks of renewed energy as a result of sleeping through the night was life changing. I realise that I take restful sleep for granted now. But it's important to me to remember how crap I felt when I wasn't sleeping in comparison to the things that I do automatically now, that was such a stuggle I when I wasn't sleeping. Because that was my 'why' it was the force behind producing 'Reset Sleep' an online course that takes you through all the steps I took to turn my sleep around. The course is focused around 3 core areas and uses a combination of the 4 areas of professional development that I've undertaken over the last 10 years. I'm on a mission to help the millions of women struggling with sleep disturbance during the menopause transition, just like I was.

The Beginning: Hypnotherapy and Insomnia

My career transition from running a design agency to practicing hypnotherapy was initially driven by a personal battle with insomnia. During this period, I discovered the power of relaxation with hypnosis and breathing techniques. These methods didn't just help my clients; they profoundly improved my own sleep by consistently activating the parasympathetic nervous system. This daily practice was a game-changer towards resolving my long-standing struggle with sleeplessness.

Deeper Insights: Solution-Focused Therapy

My exploration into solution-focused therapy deepened my understanding of how our thinking processes can significantly impact insomnia. I became fascinated with neuroscience. It became clear that our actions are often the offspring of our thoughts, linking the cognitive patterns directly with sleep quality. This realisation highlighted the intricate connection between mind and body, underscoring the importance of mental health in sleep hygiene.

A New Challenge: Peri-Menopause

However, as I entered peri-menopause, insomnia crept back into my life, accompanied by bedtime anxiety. Strikingly, this wasn’t always linked to emotional stress, which confused me and propelled me on a quest for answers. This confusion led me to delve into extensive research and eventually to further my education with a focus on women’s healthy ageing.

A Holistic Approach

My learnings, which research aligns closely with cardiovascular, gut and liver health and metabolic syndrome specific to mid-life women, were enlightening. I learned that menopause is not merely about hormonal shifts but is deeply connected to broader health changes that come with ageing. This new knowledge made me realise that managing menopause symptoms isn't enough. I wanted to equip my female clients for optimal health beyond menopause.

My Coaching Philosophy

Today, my coaching encompasses more than just alleviating stress and insomnia. It aims to prepare mid-life women for their healthiest possible future, considering cardiovascular health, metabolic changes, and overall well-being. The fluctuating and declining reproductive hormones typical of menopause cannot be viewed in isolation - they are part of a larger, complex system within the body that needs comprehensive understanding and care.

In my "Reset Sleep Online" course, I integrate all these insights.. combining advanced relaxation techniques, solution-focused therapy insights, mindset work for sleep success as well as the practical information to reset your body clock for sleep. Women who sign up automatically get 3 months free trial into my private members coaching group where I share the latest research on women's health, to offer a transformative experience that addresses not just sleep but the full spectrum of menopause-related changes and my support. If you'd like to learn more about Reset Sleep or private 1:1 coaching then please drop me an email #insomnia #insomniac #perimenopause #menopause #perimenopauseinsomnia


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