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Fearful of Change?

Have you been thinking about changing your job, relationship, house but find it stops the thought? What's holding you back? Here are some tips to make change easier to handle....

Ever been at that crossroad, where you know you've got a decision to make, but it's just... well, too hard? Maybe it's that job you drag yourself to every morning. Could be that relationship that's lost its spark. Or perhaps it's that urge to pack up and explore the world or relocate to a new town. We’ve all been there, right?

I get it. Staying put often doesn't look too bad in the short term. Maybe you're comfortable, things aren't truly terrible, and rocking the boat seems unnecessary. It's like your favourite old pair of shoes - worn out but oh-so-comfy.

But if your inaction is making you miserable read on.... Instead of dwelling on the "what-ifs" of taking a new step, flip it. Ask yourself, "What does life look like if I don't make that change? A year from now? Five years? Ten years?"

That dream job you never pursued, getting yourself online to meet that someone special, the heart-to-heart conversation you kept putting off, or the adventures you never embarked on might weigh you down more than you think.

Kick-starting Change: Tips to Push Past the Fear

  • Talk it Out: Confide in a friend. Sometimes, just voicing your fears and aspirations can put things into perspective.

  • One Thing at a Time: Don't overhaul your life overnight. Start with small steps that will lead towards your desired goal.

  • Focus on the outcome of the change: How will it improve your life? Why is it important to you?

  • Seek guidance: Sometimes, having an expert, like a mindset coach, can help clear the fog and steer you in the right direction.

Remember, diving into the new and unknown lets you grow in ways you can't even imagine yet. So, why hold back from being the best version of yourself? Kirstie is an experienced Mindset Coach that helps her clients to gain clarity, boost confidence and kick limiting beliefs around change. Call 07966 517708 or email if you'd like some help with change.


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