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Ever had “a bad day” turn into a bad week, a bad month or even a bad year?

Kirstie Salter - Stress and Anxiety Expert

Fast, effective, personal coaching for the stressed out and anxious

If you've never experienced stress and anxiety then you are not normal (actually, you must be dead!). Stress is the body’s natural response to external threats - it floods our system with adrenalin and makes us better able to fight or take flight. This was very handy when we had Sabre Toothed Tigers or gangs of marauding Vikings to contend with. It still is, although the triggers now tend to come in the form of unexpected bills, income tax returns, demanding clients, staff sickness, caring for elderly parents or even hormonal teenagers!

Finally gain control of stress and anxiety

In the past stress was intermittent – those tigers and Vikings were only occasional visitors.  Today, however, life is much more complex and intense, with plenty of things to stress us out 24/7. The effects build up and up, causing everything from raised blood pressure to lack of sleep, panic attacks to bouts of anger. We even feel stressed when there’s nothing to worry about!  That’s anxiety – it comes from inside of us, fuelled by the deep seated memories of stressful moments and bad experiences that have embedded themselves in our unconscious.


Learn how to switch off the internal anxiety

Sounds like we can’t win – our lives are now so full-on that even when there’s absolutely nothing to stop us relaxing we just cannot unwind!  Thankfully, this is not the case.  If you understand how the brain works you can learn how to switch off the internal anxiety and get better at handling the feelings caused by those external pressures – everything from work deadlines to hormonal teenagers and unresponsive helplines to technology malfunctions. 

Stress and anxiety are not going away. But it's more manageable when you know how. 

Let me help you improve your mental wellbeing

Kirstie is a fully certified and experienced Mindset Coach.
She has been helping professionals
thrive for 8 years.

Find out how she can help you too.

Book a FREE 30 minute consultation today.

“I felt overwhelmed, stressed and literally lost my way. Dealing with my overseas business just became too stressful. Kirstie is incredibly experienced, her explanations made total sense and enabled me to regain clarity and confidence. Thank you so much Kirstie!”

L. Marshall (overseas business owner)

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